The Deepest Lie + Some Haikus

Brother. I love you. Every time I look in your eyes; I’m looking through a mirror. How such a resemblance is possible : We are not brother and sister... Not the same childhood, Not the same blood.

It was just. A. Silly. Trick. At the beginning. To prevent people from trying to put us together...

That uncanny resemblance! We are a couple after all. They won. I can’t imagine my life without your Stupid voice saying Embarrassing things, The tiny demon in yourself Revealing itself When your with me.

As you are, I am; I can truly be myself with you No fear of being judge : How could you. We are just the same. As.


Maybe I finally found it. What is love. You’re the only man I trust. The only man I’m able to love. Deeply. With no doubt.

Blood doesn’t matter. I love you, Brother.


Night falls to the sea Never-ending dark starts sparkling Now seagulls eat stars.

Les ballons volants

Nuages étoilés Oubliés, hauts dans le ciel : Seuls règnent les ballons.

Flying balloons [English version of “Les ballons volants”]

Starry gloomy clouds Forgotten, high in the sky : Reign of the balloons.