August 21, 2019

1. From automatic writing


I was on the tip of the tilted pyramid-shaped building, unable to decide if I
should take the plunge or not, because it was not quite familiar to me what
would happen, since I haven’t been there before, not to mention I was
scared, because even though the man told me I would definitely fly if I
jumped, I was not sure, especially because I wasn’t in full control, I was
dreaming after all, and it was not a lucid dream, at least not fully anyway, so
instead I just kept looking around, when suddenly my feet started floating,
slowly, and, voilá, I was flying, I mean, floating, and I couldn’t believe, so I
experimented pushing myself upwards, and it worked, and now I was flying
full speed, with arms open, like an airplane.


2. The word "magic"


And, just like that, I was flying! What a wonderful feeling! And then, suddenly,
I was lucid! Had to keep my shit together so the dream didn’t fall apart. So I
concentrated hard, until consciousness stablished, and I was in full control.
Now I was not anymore watching myself fly, I was actually feeling myself, in
my body, flying. Speed, direction, height, everything was under control. I
couldn’t stop smiling. I was flying over the city, and with a snap of fingers, it
changed to a desert. Snap! Now it’s a forest. Snap! An ocean. It was
incredible! I could walk over water or dive under it without a problem.
Breathing was not an issue anymore. I planted trees in the ocean, their roots
spreading down to the bottom of it. I placed cities in the sky, floating cities. I
flew higher, to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Alpha Centauri. I made Betelgeuse
go supernova. I floated, my body weightless amidst the colourful dust of
heavy particles. I accelerated time, until they collided and new starts started
forming. Their rotation moving the dust clouds, their newly born gravitational
fields forming new planets. A new solar system, I made. How should I name

it? My own solar system. Can I make the people in it? What are they made
of? Would they even be real?


3. An ending - predefined


I decided to give it a try. I chose the planet in the goldilocks zone of my
favourite star and played God. I made planes, oceans, rocks. mountains,
plants, animals. And finally, the most intelligent creatures. I was careful,
though. They were intelligent and kind. They lived well, in harmony with their
environment. So I decided to let them free from now on, in control of their
fate. Then I sped up time and watched. A million years have passed, and
now the planet was grey and dull. I was shocked. Came down and saw there
were high towers with few of my intelligent creatures in, and, on the ground,
slaves, animals being exploited, landscapes completely destructed. So I
identified their leader and appeared before him. He was surprised, but
believed it was me. I asked him what happened. How could things have
turned this way? They were my creations, and were kind and generous...
they were supposed to continue like that. There were resources for everyone
and no need for this.

“If you don’t fix this now, I’ll evaporate you all this instant”, I said.

“We're in charge now, you’re about to wake up”, he said.

“This is my world, I wake up if I want to, and I don’t, so I won’t!”

“Oh, dear”, he said. “Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.”


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