“Show me,” she said. “Show me how to do it.”

He stared at her through the upside-down legs of the chair he’d just propped up on the last table. She couldn’t be serious. The pub was closed, it had gone midnight. She must be mad, he thought, then wondered what had changed her mind. Was it because her friends weren’t around? He didn’t mind doing it with her though, she was fit; nice body, bouncy tits, pretty face.

“Okay,” he said, walking towards her. It was the only part of the room that was lit, she’d turned off the other lights.

She leaned against the pool table, long legs stretched in front of her, long blonde hair tied in a pony tail stretching down her left shoulder, arms crossed against her chest. He picked up the pool cue resting on the table and handed it to her. She reached out for it with a slow hand and grasped it firmly, never taking her feather grey eyes off him.

“Turn around.”

She easily complied to this but stood at an awkward angle, which made him laugh to himself. She really didn’t know how to do it at all, despite having watched her friends.

“Okay, spread your legs—”

Her head whipped around. “What?”

He resisted the urge to laugh again. He hadn’t intended it to sound like an innuendo but now that it did, he relaxed. This was going to be easy. And he knew that she was easy and open with any guy who wanted her. He’d seen her with a friend doing it behind the bar when they thought he’d gone, and he’d furiously wanked off in his hiding place until his jeans were wet.

“Spread your legs out. It’ll help. No, not that far apart.”

He stared at her bum beneath the tight denim skirt as she moved her legs, and wondered what it would be like to grab it, to squeeze those cheeks.

“Spread your arms too.”

She put one hand each at either ends of the cue.

“No. No. Let me help you.”

From behind, he held on to her arms and slid them into place on the cue. Would be easier to put her hand on my cock, he thought. His groin tingled at the image that floated through his brain and began to grow when he imagined her mouth attached to him. “Jut your bum out a bit.”

He put his hands on her waist, pulled her body closer so she could feel his boner on her back.

Fuck pool, he thought, I want to fuck her.

She warmed instantly to his hands on her waist. It was sexy. She liked his hands on her. Her skin began to tingle, the corners of her mouth picked up. Her bum rested in his crotch. His dick, his hard dick was pressed right up against her. She could feel that all right. What felt like little waves spread from her stomach, downwards. He was gorgeous, he wanted her and she fancied him a lot. Slowly she moved her bum against his dick. Her hips went round and round in little circles, up, down, up, down.

A cough behind her, a groan.

“Maybe it would be better if I…”

She finished her sentence by dropping her knickers to the floor.

His hands were between her legs, spreading them further apart. His fingers, from behind, making their way to her pussy, warm and waiting for him.

She was half wet when he slipped two fingers inside her. Unable to control himself, he fingered her vigorously until her pussy was like a slip ‘n’ slide. Her juices dribbled down his hand and he bent down, licking them from her thigh, his tongue moving upwards to her pussy. He tongued her clit, sucked at it, swallowing what tasted like warm apple juice.

He heard her pleasure before he felt it. She became truly animal, her cries shrill, like a vixen mating with her fox. Her body shuddered over and over again, her pleasure radiating from her hips downwards.

Dizzy, she buckled to the floor as he stood up. She grabbed his jeans, roughly pulling them down his legs. Nails and denim chafed and scratched his skin but he didn’t care. He knew what would happen. Her mouth closed around his cock, big and throbbing. The surge of blood flowing from his brain to his dick was louder than the beat of his heart. His eyes closed, head tilted back as her tongue ran up and down his cock, circled the tip and sucked him. The pull of her mouth and her hands fondling his balls made him grow even more. He thought he might burst.

His cock tasted like caramel (what had he been eating?!). She drank it in, wanting to lick every inch. Now he tasted salty… He was about to…

She stood up to face him. He looked sexy when his hair was spiked up and when she pulled off his t-shirt, she saw how toned his abs were. He was sexier than ever. His hands on her waist (oh, that felt good), travelling upwards, pushing up her top and flinging off her bra. He spun her around to face the pool table, bent her over. One arm around her waist, the other on her breast; massaging it, he pushed himself inside her.

Oh, she had him. She knew he’d wear him down and she hadn’t been serious about playing pool anyway. She just wanted him and now he was fucking her. And he was good too. Good pace, and slowly speeding up. Just how she liked it.

She squeezed her legs closer together. She wanted him longer.

Guttural noises above her head, short gasps of breath.

It felt intense down there, the way he rubbed against her. That felt really good. He was driving her somewhere.

Her eyes closed and she saw black but felt the magic below. Rising up within her, spreading through her every limb. Her pussy tingling. Her breath held. Mind dizzy. She felt it cascading through her body when it happened. The tension she’d held and built up shattered like broken glass around her feet. Her limbs shook over and over, her toes touching the ground, slipping sideways. The smile on her face growing bigger and bigger as her ending sparkled and fizzed within her.

Her moans, once loud and almost deafening to him, grew faint as he came himself, juddering and pulsing inside her, once, twice, thrice. He cried out like a zombie, she laughed.

He collapsed on top of her, spent. She turned around, looked up into his blue eyes. He was so good-looking. Kissed him. He wound his arms around her, kissed her back. They looked at each other, almost surprised but they knew better. He lifted her onto the pool table and leaned over her. Started again.