Excerpt from ‘Dark Glens

Bleary-nosed and rabbit-faced in the cantankerous legions of impossible marshmallows, browned out by the heckling mongeese, so listless and wan in the moldering translucence of the day, traversed a solitary white triangle over the everlasting lackadaisical centuries of arterial noise. There were no exigencies, no flights of censure or of malingering profunditude, in the condition of these happenstances, nor of sheer forfeiture, for among the tributaries of those wild bogs there dwelt families of noses, gawky, symmetrical noses with inner coatings of luminous citric phlegm which sneezed out and blared in such fatuous harmony as to preclude all familiarities and resemblances, wherein the repetitive sound clusters and the forcible throttles of helping verbs which were to make their way through these pneumatic passageways comprised one vast capillary trombone expectorating over the vibrating villages of effluvient fungus. Ribosomes and risosomes of the rib-caged brain-platelets went trampling over magnificent ruins of speed on which thunder-bugs let loose over irreverent leap years had metastacized and laid their eggs in flagitious mad scrambles, sequentially yet unceremoniously, since beyond any inculcated cartoon portions there was never any reason to believe in the sneak previews of the golden-berry leaf beetles which had begun to materialize over the inter-dimensional airways in intermittent successions of squeakings and clangs.